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Can you decide the perfect place for cycling around the world? It is easy to choose. Our mission at Cozon is to facilitate all possible ways to fulfill your requirement.We also aspire to create the optimum experience for all riders from different countries in the world.We erect, create, innovate and devise. In addition, we are the most famous company worldwide specializing in the world of cycling.


We originate athletes and those who are maniacs in cycling. Cozon is one premium company in which it is being known as a senior producer of high-features bikes. We never forget that this company has started at very primitive levels. The reason behind founding this company was inspired by the passionate bike-riders besides their ambiguous abilities in controlling the cycling leadership professionally. This is what we always do any time, and anywhere. 

Cozon  Designed in France and made in China. This Company was being contributed in making some radical changes in bikes’ world. Our bikes are characterized as lightweight and rigid in structure, helping the driver to control them very smoothly. Our samples are taken from a factory in China, Tianjin in particular. Our bikes, also, feature many accessories such as light and so many other features. Our distributors spread throughout the globe, so we have points of sale in Europe, Middle East, Australia and USA. 

Today, our passion in cycling is stronger than ever. The matter is not about winning a certain race or creating lighter bikes as well, but it is also about bringing excitement and pleasant in practicing cycling. When we talk about “Optimum Cycling”, we talk about our commitment, passion, innovation and enhancing your cycle life. Our goal that we will spread Cozon at more than 2000 retail stores around the world, You can contact us on our online site. 

Optimum Ride. Optimum Life. 



  • what is COZON ?
    COZON is a bicycle brand which deigned in France . As we want to give very combitive price to all of our internation customers we make our bikes in China. Dont worry we control the quality.
  • Whrer Can I get one of COZON bikes
    Its depends on which country you are: check the dealers page you might find a dealer in your country. If you didnt find a dealer you we can help you .. Just contact us. Click on the question you would like to attach a picture to
  • What is the warranty of COZON bikes ?
    As we promise the our quality we give all of our customers whole life warranty for the frames and two years for all other parts. If you have any issue just contact the dealer which you got your bike from then your dealer will handle everything.
  • You Stil have more qoustion ?
    Just contact us if you still have more qoustion on
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